HULDRA - Lady of the Forest

Thriller / Mysterium / Mythology


NANNA lives a lonely and regimented life in a major european city. She receives a phone call from her long lost love, Martin, and is reminded of her carefree childhood. Martin wants to invite her to a hike in the wilderness with their mutual childhood friends from their fathers hunting team. One of them, Peter (The Swede), has been told about a strange hermit-hippielike society out in the Swedish wilderness.

One of the hippies, a man named Harald, runs a quirky adventure camp. A reunion of old friends in the wild reminds her of the time when she met her first and everlasting love, Martin; a love of which he was never aware.

At first she is doubtful to whether she wants to join the trip or not but when more people from the old gang show up, and her everyday life falls apart, she realizes it is time for a change and decides to go. She sees the possibility to leave the boredom and escape to a new adventure that may offer her the opportunity to rediscover love.

They all came from different places in Europe and were united thru their parents common interest of hunting. Over time they got separated by the every day business. But the bond were still strong.

The group gets together and heads out with great expectations. The journey begins as a warm reunion. Soon they all realize that they have more in common than their past. They seek a way to flee from the inner loneliness they feel in the stressful reality of living in the big city with its duties and obligations.

They all loved the time they had together in the wild when they were kids, a magical time in their life which they want to taste again. By the end of the road they meet up with Harald who takes them to a croft, which will serve as base camp.

But Harald has sinister plans, a hidden agenda. With the help of hallucinogens and mystical rituals he exposes their friendship to challenges they could never predict and the fellowship gradually forgets the purpose of the trip.

Out in the wilderness there is also a  beautiful woman who Harald refers to as his daughter Gerda. At night they are haunted by fantasies of Gerda and in the day they are subjected to greater and greater challenges and strains that question their friendship. The only one to react differently is Nanna. She dreams of two ravens who call upon her attention, and two women that, like two lost souls, serve notice about sudden death and spiritual ruin. With time Nanna realises that Haralds intention is to tear the group apart and sort out a winner.

Gerda is HULDRA, The siren of the woods. She is the prize. Harald found her in his youth and she made him sacrifice everything; his friends Anna and Fredrik who he buried in the swamp, his brother who sits dead in a chair keeping Harald company, and his wife who he drowned in the creek. Now Harald is dying. His earthly creature begins to break down by the hard life of a lonely and twisted narcissist. A replacement needs to be found.

The question remains, who will she choose? The strongest, the most wily, or the unexpected?

Another question: Is Harald ready to let go ...?


The music is an active part in conveying the story. Sequences will be told in the music video format with customized music. The musical direction and pre-prod were ready before the first day of shooting and an inspiration to tempo directive. The final orchestration was made directly to the image when editing was locked.

The main theme is based on a traditional folk melody from an unknown composer in the 1700s. A text can be found by Olof von Dalin (1708-1763) titled, “O Tysta Ensamhet” (O silent loneliness). A newer text was written by Björn Linderoth (1931-1999) with the title; “Visa från Utanmyra” (Song from Outer Myra).

Music Production provides:

• A beauty theme with flute, guitar and ambient pads.

• A city-theme with drum and base beats.

• A 60's inspired prog-theme with psychedelic ethno sounds.

• Several appropriation sound to set the environment and atmosphere.

• Rhythmic themes for action sequences. The music were mainly recorded with real instruments

All music is recorded and mixed in a 5.1 surround environment,  produced by Ove Valeskog in Snickeboa Studio.

As a music producer Ove always uses the quality of real musicians as much as possible.

The myth

In Scandinavian folklore, the Huldra (Stemming from Norwegian culture, the Huldra symbolizes somethng ‘secret’ or ‘covered’), or the Skogsrå or Skogsfru/Skovfrue (meaning "Lady of the forest") or Tallemaja (pine tree Mary) in Swedish culture, is a seductive forest creature

The Huldra is stunningly beautiful and is the female mistress of the forest, guardian of the wild animals that she sometimes gives to men of her liking. She attracts lost hikers and seduces men that she takes a liking to. From the front, she is beautiful and attractive, but seen from behind, she often has a hollow back like an old tree. The Huldra has long been associated with hunting; if she were to blow down the barrel of a huntsman's rifle, he will never thereafter miss a shot. Some men are not so lucky, or perhaps skilled, and escape her only after surrendering their sanity. Those who had sex with a Huldra are usually reserved and taciturn – the souls of

these men thereafter stay with her. According to tradition, the cherished ancient Nordic

God Odin held a grudge against The Huldra, and chased her like his prey.

Author's interpretation

  • In the film The Huldra is a physical personification of an Entity, a higher spiritual being, tied to a geographic location. The female shape has the same function as a fishing lure. When people get caught they will be drawn out of their universe and in to a new existence. In this case The Huldra live in symbiosis with its guardian. Together they form their reality. If the guardian is a narcissist, as Harald in this case, there may be dire consequences...

High Concept

Modern man meets myth (Huldra). A beautiful and sensual thriller in the Scandinavian countryside. "Deliverance" meets "Pan's Labyrinth" and "Fear & Loathing in LA" with a touch of "The Shining".

The feature film HULDRA is aimed at an audience of 15-25 years of age. HULDRA meets the criteria of a classic hollywood movie with sensual values combined with thrilling action and creeping tension.

The film also includes fresh ideas in the form of nordic mythology; The monster is abeautiful and powerful female guise. The hero is a strong tough woman. Everything is a mirror image of the traditional Hollywood film.

Writer/Director: Ove Valeskog

Producers: Ove Valeskog & Fredrik Wagner

Executive Producer: Alexandra Klim-Wirén, Ove Valeskog, Olof Larsson & Staffan Övgård

Cast: Nikola Ruzicic, Viktor Von Schirach, Christoffer L.Jonsson, Rebecca Labbe, David Espina, Viktor Åkerblom, Hans Müller, Sofia Brattwall, Linus Nilsson, Fredrik Wagner, Pernilla Eriksson, Nathalie Söderqvist, Joakim Thelin, David Bateson, Joshua Lenn, Cedomir Djordjevic, Daniel Epstein, Alexandra Klim, Berit Sarvisé, Madeleine Barwén Trollvik...


The ABC stories of the film

The A - story is about Nanna who goes out into the woods with a bunch of childhood friends. Instead of getting closer to each other they end up in a battle of life and death to win the blessing of Huldra and eternal life.

The B - story follows Nanna's attempt to gain Martin's heart and find love.

The C - story touches the philosophy of man and nature. Who are we and where are our limits …


Awards: Winner Best Director, Best International Feature, Best Horror, Best VFX, Best Supporting Actor...

Status: Coming soon...

Release: Film Festivals 2017, Public 2018


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